Some examples of Medical Negligence are discussed below.  They are not inclusive but are simply examples.

Obstetrics is unfortunately an area that sometimes is involved in catastrophic and serious damage to a new born.

Birth Trauma is a general term  used to describe injury during the birthing process often as a result of improper medical care. It can result in partial loss of use of an arm and hand Erb’s Palsy or Brachial Plexus Palsy, or in Traumatic Brain Injury.

During the birthing process the fetus must be monitored to determine the viability of the fetus and whether or not he or she is receiving the proper amount of oxygen needed to sustain life and not to harm the fetus. Cerebral Palsy and Brain Damage are known to be caused by oxygen deprivation during the birthing process. A lack of oxygen to the fetus can be caused by obstetrical problems which must be medically managed in a proper way.

One of the safest ways of delivering a child when  there is a threat of impeding lack of oxygen is delivery by Cesarean Section.  The failure to perform a cesarean section to deliver the child safely can be the basis of a medical malpractice case when the resulting damage affects either the brain, causing Brain Damage or the limbs of an infant causing a palsy Erb’s Palsy, or Brachial Plexus injury.

Birth Related Arm Injuries can also be caused by Obstetrical Malpractice where the doctor does not use the proper maneuvers resulting in Erb’s Palsy, or Brachial Plexus Palsy.   Here the shoulder of the almost new born is lodged or stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone.  If the physician delivering the baby performs an improper maneuver he or she can  stretch or tear of the nerves in the brachial plexus which causes a partial or full paralysis of the child’s arm and hand,  usually permanent.  This too can be the basis of malpractice case resulting in Erb’s Palsy, or Brachial Palsy.

Other examples of medical malpractice cases follow:

The failure to properly diagnose or the failure  to properly treat other conditions by a doctor  in private practice or by a doctor in hospital can also give rise to a medical malpractice case.

The Failure to Diagnose Cancer where that results in a delay that causes a change in a patient’s prognosis and condition resulting in far more extensive treatment and sometimes resulting in loss of life, is a common area of malpractice.

Lung Cancers, Colon Cancers, Breast Cancers, and other kinds of cancers, need to be diagnosed and treated timely.  Time is the key element in diagnosing and treating cancer to prevent loss of life and loss of enjoyment of life.  Where a physician has failed to properly diagnose a cancer where the presenting symptoms should have alerted the doctor to the proper diagnosis, a physician may have committed malpractice in failing to diagnose cancer.

Colon Cancer is a curable kind of cancer which when detected timely and treated timely prevents spread and loss of life.

Mammograms are studies for breast cancer and must be read properly.  Patients have to be examined properly,  particularly in a case of suspected Cancer of the Breast which is a prevalent but curable problem when timely caught.

Anesthesia has to be administered with constant monitoring by the anesthesiologist.  The anesthesiologist must monitor the vital signs of the patient who is under anesthesia and must use all appropriate techniques, medications, oxygen, or the diminishment of the anesthetic agents to correct any indication of a problem with vital signs.  A failure to correct  promptly can result in catastrophic damage to the patient, including death, or brain damage.

Doctors in the Emergency Room have an obligation to properly treat and diagnose patients who present.  A patient can present with pain in the upper abdomen or chest.  This might be heart burn or a Heart Attack.  Sometimes heart burn is diagnosed and heart attack is not, a not uncommon malpractice situation.

We hope the above has provided you with a some understanding and overview of the nature of medical malpractice and of some of the issues and circumstances under which it occurs.

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