Burn injuries from hot water or from fire are extra-ordinarily painful, leave scars, and
cause great psychological damage.

A child may be burned when hot coffee is accidently spilled on a child at a diner due
to a waiter’s hurried and negligent service. A chef may be burned when there is a
malfunction due to defect of a commercial cooking kettle or pot. A person can be burned
in a fire because the building code was ignored.

There are literally hundreds of terrible ways that these unfortunate accidents can happen.

Some cases involve negligence or lack of care. Some cases involve product liability or
the malfunctioning of a machine or device which causes the burns.

This kind of case is requires technical expertise, the use of engineers, and the assistance
of physicians.

We are experienced in the handling of these cases. If you or a loved one need us, contact
or call us.

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