Federal laws regulate air travel, and all individuals, companies and agencies that are involved in the aviation industry in any capacity, including airline companies, maintenance crews, security, airline pilots, both commercial and private, as well as air traffic control personnel. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) are agencies that oversee and regulate air travel, and investigate plane and other aircraft accidents.

An aviation accident could take place due to an immense number of factors. The plane may have a manufacturing defect. There could have been a failure to correctly maintain any part or system on the plane, or there may have been pilot error – the most common reason found in serious aviation accidents. In just the last quarter of 2012, there were 78 fatal aviation accidents. Any person that survives an aviation accident is usually seriously injured, often including severe burns. The recovery from such an accident may take many months or years, or the victim could be facing a lifetime of challenges with lost abilities.

The FAA regulates airport safety compliances, airport safety, development, has engineering and design standards, and regulations regarding airport rescue and firefighting and all safety management systems. All airports are regulated under the FAA.

Any injury accident involving a plane or other aircraft will be investigated by the FAA and the NTSB, as well as state authorities. Pilots gain licenses and certifications through the FAA. Passengers are protected under federal aviation law as well. There is a minimum amount of insurance that must be carried by all aircraft, based upon the number of passengers that could be present on the flight.

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